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A toilet room typically contains only a toilet and possibly a sink. If a sink and mirror were also included in the toilet room it would technically be known as a powder room. Terminology aside, both rooms are very similar.

Due to some space limitations in many Sydney terrace homes, a toilet room is often added to provide a second or third toilet for the home. In fact sometimes the only toilet for the whole premises is located in a stand-alone toilet room.

This does provide the convenience of being able to use the toilet while someone is having a shower or doing laundry. One thing to note, a toilet room without a sink does produce some hygienic concerns.

Existing Toilet Renovations

Depending on the current toilet room in your home you may have some specific desires. You may like the area to be more hygienic by adding a sink into the room. You may even wish to add a mirror so that visitors can more easily freshen up.

Other renovation options would include modernising the layout and style. You may choose to add a new toilet, update the fixtures and fittings, and possibly install new bathroom tiles or give it some fresh paintwork.

New Toilet Room Additions

As mentioned above, a toilet room provides convenience of providing you and your guests the option of accessing another toilet in the house. This can sometimes be necessary when others are having a shower or occupying the other bathrooms.

Also a simple toilet room requires minimal space so is perfect for smaller terrace houses or apartments.

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Toilet Renovations For the Modern Home

Update your existing toilet room or add a new one based on your own requirements.

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