Laundry Bathroom Renovations

Laundry bathroom showing washing machine, toilet and tilingA laundry bathroom is often designed when there are space constraints in a home’s floor plan. By combining a bathroom and laundry two rooms can effectively be brought together to occupy one single area.

By utilising the plumbing that is required for a laundry, bathroom options are built in the same room. It is a great way to utilise space in small terraces or apartments.

In a laundry bathroom you will find laundry equipment which can include items such as a clothes washer, dryer, clothes washing tub or basin. And also bathroom facilities such as a shower, toilet and sink.

Existing Laundry Bathroom Renovations

If your current laundry bathroom needs a makeover ensure that any renovations allow for the installation of all your desired laundry equipment. Most washing machines and dryers come in standard sizes and you can also get smaller models to fit into tight spaces. Alternatively a dual washer and dryer machine may be purchased to save even more space.

A laundry bathroom renovation can allow you to update existing features and fittings to give you a more modern style to your laundry bathroom.

New Laundry Bathroom Addition

If you are looking to save space in your current home, a laundry bathroom can be a great idea. Obviously, you need to consider that when someone is using the toilet or shower you cannot access your laundry. However, if space is your major concern, you can work around those times and there should not be too any issues.

Utilise our renovators design skills when planning your new laundry bathroom to get the most out of it practically. Also ensure the style will stand the test of time for many years to come.

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Laundry Bathrooms Are Great Space Savers

Allow our laundry bathroom renovators to provide you with a practical and cost effective solution.

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