Powder Room Renovations

The powder room earned its name from being a place where guests could freshen up, typically from the reapplication of powdery makeup.

Today, the style of a powder room is somewhat similar to a guest bathroom yet it only contains a toilet, sink and mirror for freshening up.

Powder Room showing sink, mirror and towel rackExisting Powder Room Renovations

Renovating a small area such as a powder room will most likely present less opportunities than a large bathroom with shower and bath facilities. However, this is where the selection of fittings, fixtures and other items become more critical, as there is less going on in the room.

As there is less to focus on, you can choose items that will make the most impact and stand out. A large mirror, designer sink and the use of large bathroom tiles can take away from the fact that your powder room is small in size.

New Powder Room Additions

Adding a powder room to your home can be a great choice to provide guests with an area to freshen up without having to venture to a fully equipped bathroom. This is also a great option if you don’t have the room for a guest bathroom which includes a shower or bath.

A simple powder room is a great way to add the convenience of a second toilet to your home. While others are using the shower, bath or laundry, your additional guests won’t have to wait to use the toilet – all depending on your other bathroom configurations.

Even though a powder room typically has few features and options, creating a signature style and matching it to your existing home is important to ensure there is a consistent flow to your home.

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