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Map of ConcordConcord Bathroom Renovations from our expert team with years of experience operating in and around Sydney’s Inner West.

The residents of Sydney’s Concord are lucky in the fact that they are surrounded by many parks. Known as the “Parkland Suburb” this Inner West suburb has 13 combined parks, ovals and golf courses. Bordering on the Parramatta river Concord also features a small shopping strip on Majors Bay Road.

This makes Sydney’s Concord a perfect place to reside for families. If you have recently bought a property here make sure your bathroom is equipped with family friendly features and an appealing feel.

Bathroom renovations are the perfect way to increase your standard of living while also adding value to your property. With our team of expert bathroom renovators we can transform your Concord bathroom to give you both of these things.

Our team has many years of experience in the Inner West bathroom renovation industry servicing Concord and all surrounding suburbs. We can source quality bathware, vanities, taps, fittings and fixtures for your bathroom renovation. We also offer you traditional, modern and contemporary styles for design and will create a style to meet your budget and requirements.

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