Guest Bathroom Renovations

Guest Bathroom Renovation showing shower, toilet and vanity.Your homes guest bathroom is just that. A bathroom that is primarily used by visiting guests.

Normally located near the entrance of the house or close by guest bedrooms, your guest bathroom needs to be practical and user friendly.

Designing a guest bathroom renovation can be easier than taking on a main bathroom or private ensuite renovation as there is no real reason to go all out. Simple and practical are the winners here.

Existing Guest Bathroom Renovations

If you have an existing guest bathroom you may simply be looking for a quick makeover. Changing tap fittings, shower heads and new tiling are the quickest ways to achieve a guest bathroom facelift.

However if the current design is not functioning well, we are here to help you with demolition and a complete rebuild.

Guest Bathroom Addition showing shower, wooden vanity and large mirrorNew Guest Bathroom Additions

Adding a guest bathroom can be a great solution to reduce the use of other bathrooms in your house. This can help privatise your ensuite or keep your guests out of your laundry bathroom.

Creating a new bathroom addition will depend on your current floor plan and what your want to achieve. For instance, if room is an issue for you maybe a toilet room may be more practical than a full bathroom with shower and bath options. Either way our team of designers, builders and all round renovation experts will be sure to fulfil your desires.

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Get a Guest Bathroom Renovation

Your guests will spend less time in your private ensuite, so you can enjoy it more!

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