Laundry Renovations

Your homes laundry can sometimes be the smallest room in the house but by no means should this room be overlooked.

The workload that occurs in your laundry is consistent week after week. Or depending on the size of your family it may even be used frequently every day. When you consider this, you need to make sure that your laundry is both practical and efficient.

Deciding to renovate your laundry, as with all renovations, requires some careful consideration. Thinking about the size of your appliances and where they will be located is a good starting point.

Also think about how much use your laundry will be getting. If you intend on using your laundry for soaking, hand washing, rack drying and ironing you will need a larger dedicated laundry space, as opposed to just doing a wash and possible dry in a machine.

Laundry Renovations that Gain Space

If laundry space is an issue for you in your home here are some renovation ideas to gain space.

  1. Small Laundry’s consisting of just a washing machine, sink and possibly a dryer, can be hidden behind sliding doors in hallways.
  2. Stacking your washing machine and dryer on top of each other can make use of floor to ceiling space.
  3. A dual purpose washing machine and dryer combination units mean you only need one machine instead of two.
  4. It is very common and practical to combine your laundry and a bathroom to save space.
  5. Modern design ideas combine the laundry and kitchen by hiding a dual purpose washer and dryer unit underneath a kitchen bench space.

Turning Laundry Renovation Ideas into Reality

Unsure of where to start? Or maybe you have your ideas exactly as you want?

Either way feel free to contact us anytime. Our designers will quickly be able to direct you to suitable solutions or may even give you the green tick of approval on your design ideas.

Our builders and skilled tradesmen can then quickly bring together your laundry renovation ideas and will be able to ensure that your future laundry is safe, practical and fully functional adding property value and increasing your standard of living.

Laundry Renovations to Make Your Life Easier

Modernise your Laundry to add functionality and remove stress from your life.

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